It’s been more than eighty years since the apocalypse began. A corrosive black cloud known as “Aester” engulfed the world, blotting out the sun and nearly snuffing humanity. But somehow, life continues to cling to this benighted world, and out of the ashes, new technologies have given rise to a Golden Age undreampt of in earlier times. Shining cities of light burn with electric lamps, defying the darkness, while mighty airships ply the skies, connecting the cities.

Onto this vast stage, our poor band of players. The Bellasco Family Circus Aeroplex has been a San Francisco tradition for generations. By royal appointment of His Imperial Majesty, Norton I, Ruler of North America and Protector of America, the Bellasco Family Circus Aeroplex has toured the world, played before Maharajas and Kings, Savages and Night-Men, to the delight and wonder of one and all. Now, after an eighteen year hiatus, the Circus Aeroplex has announced it’s triumphant return to San Francisco.

Rise of Aester is a Steampunk LARP. You can find out more about the setting and rules here. We gather together at Swinggoth, a steampunk themed dance club at Danzhaus in San Francisco, Thursday nights, from 7 pm until we get bored or they throw us out. You can find out more about Swinggoth here.

Rise of Aester SF